Stellar Goodyear Welted Genuine Pythons Black and Gray By Paul Parkman (ID#27GYPT51)


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Goodyear welted construction From Scratch
Black & GrayTwo Tone  Genuine Python upper
Brushed Antique finished double leather sole
Creative Handmade wingtips
Smooth inner sole Bordeaux lining

How to Ace a Lunch or Dinner Job Interview

Many men know how to kill a traditional job interview.However, what about a meeting with a potential employer taking place during lunch or dinner.

Are your Cool Designer Shoes and interview suits handy? You will need them after you learn how to successfully handle lunch and dinner interviews.

Prepare for the Interview with Class

Lunch and dinner interviews are always nerve wrecking, but you can feel a bit more relaxed. Try throwing on some jeans, a button down shirt, and black shoes for men to visit the restaurant ahead of time.

Knowing the restaurant’s location and menu a few days before the meeting is great. This will ensure that there isn’t any last minute surprises.

  • Choose A Suit: The first step to prepare for an interview with a prospective employer is to select an interview-appropriate outfit.
  • A safe option is a black suit with black shoes.
  • Arrive Super Early: As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to arrive at the restaurant at least twenty minutes early.
  • The extra time will give you an opportunity to gather your thoughts and study the table.
  • Study the Table: If you are meeting your prospective employer at a fine restaurant, you will probably see many fancy utensils.
  • Remember to use the utensils from right to left. The dessert utensil will be above your plate. The liquids will be placed to the right of your plate and the solids to the left.

Once your prospective employer arrives and sits in his chair, place the napkin in your lap.

Stay Sharp During the Meal

During your meal with the interviewer, you want to show him that you mean business in dining etiquette and personal skill sets and experience.

While you are looking sharp in your navy blue suit and leather shoes, make sure that you keep these dining tips in mind.

  • Keep it Simple: Avoid ordering messy food. Entrees like spaghetti, ribs, and lobster should be quickly crossed off the menu.
  • Eat Soup Correctly: To ensure that soup ends up in your mouth instead of your lap, spoon its contents away from you.
  • Politely Leave the Table: If you need to leave the table for any reason, politely excuse yourself and place your napkin on the chair. Make sure you don’t trip over your  brown leather shoes when leaving the table!
  • You don’t want him to think you are a klutz.
  • Answer Questions Gracefully: Throughout the course of the meal, you should answer the interviewer’s questions by portraying yourself in the best light. Now is the time to brag about that promotion you recently earned or the big project that you managed.

Leave the Table in Style

After the interview has come to an end, thank him for his time. Other things that will leave a great first impression are:

  • Remove the napkin from your lap and place it right beside your plate.
  • Refrain from reaching for the check. The prospective employer will pay for the meals and tip.
  • A couple of days after the lunch or dinner, send a thank you note to the interviewer expressing your gratitude and interest in the job.

A good way to know if you aced an interview is to ask yourself “Did I gracefully engage in conversation while keeping good dining etiquette?” If the answer is “yes,” you should consider yourself hired…..maybe. If you find out that you really did get the job, treat yourself to some new Mens Designer Shoes to wear to your first day of work.

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