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Derby style men’s exotic dress shoes.Neatly crafted Full genuine crocodile upper with the double leather sole and bordeaux leather lining. Leather-wrapped laces with two eyelets.

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Derby Style Shoes


For many years, men have often been accused of being unromantic and bad gift givers. This perception is often featured in a hilarious way in pop culture, but when you represent this stereotype, it isn’t so funny. I’m here to share with you a failure that I had in college.

My hope is that you will learn from this situation. Please make sure that you don’t make these same mistakes when giving your significant other the perfect gift.

First, A Little Background


Many years ago, in my senior year of college, my girlfriend and I scheduled a romantic evening for celebrating our birthdays. As luck would have it, we were born approximately two days apart, so we always celebrate our special day together.

Gift Preparation


Rebecca was eager to take me to see the movie “Hidden Universe 3D” at the local IMAX theater. As part of her present to me and then she planned to make a special meal in our apartment. Since I knew that we would be swapping presents, many months before our big day.

I prepared a vacation care package for my girlfriend as she was traveling to Bali soon after her birthday. In order to make the vacation care package a gift that she would never forget. I packed a trendy beach bag with useful things that she would love such as flip flops, travel-sized toiletries.

Face wipes, a water bottle, sunscreen, fashion magazines, lotion, and snacks. After I finished preparing this gift. I tossed the beach bag in the corner of my closet near my black derby shoes, so she wouldn’t find it. I also saved up my money and ordered Tiffany’s travel charm bracelet. Surprisingly it went on sale a couple of weeks before our birthdays.

The Big Day


The special day came around, and I had to work later than I had originally planned. As a result, I didn’t get a chance to wrap Rebeca’s vacation care package gift. The plan was to do this before meeting her at the movie theater.

To add insult to the injury, I also found out earlier in the day that the expensive bracelet that I had ordered. Simply would not arrive until the next business day. I was pretty bummed to say the least. Throughout the entire time, the movie “Hidden Universe 3D” was playing I worried about not having enough time. Precious time needed to wrap the one present that was actually in my possession before dinner.

When we pulled up to our apartment after the ride home from the movie. I noticed that the outside of the building was unusually dark. In fact, I almost tripped on a rock while wearing my mens derby shoes with jeans and my favorite hat because there were no lights on. As soon as Rebecca opened the door, the lights in the living room were turned on.


My friends and family yelled “SURPRISE!!!!” There I was surrounded in a room filled with glow in the dark stars on the wall. Mystical bulb string lights hanging from the ceiling, and purple and blue galaxy-themed decorations everywhere. I couldn’t believe that my girlfriend had thrown me a star party!

After giving Rebecca a big hug, she beamed and proceeded to hand me my birthday gift. The gift bag contained a brand new pair of suede derby shoes mens edition that I always wanted. I thanked her for my gift. Then headed to my room to retrieve the beach bag that I had hidden for months inside my closet.

Here is where things get really bad. The vacation care package was toppled over in the far corner of my closet near my fancy leather Derby Shoes. As soon as I noticed that the travel supplies in the beach bag had fallen out, I started to frantically search my closet for the items.

Rebeccas Suprise

I searched for many unique black & brown derby shoes, but I didn’t have much time to keep looking. Since a lot of my friends and family members kept calling my name. I threw what I could find into the beach bag and quickly headed back into the living room. Where everyone was waiting for me, I handed Rebecca the vacation care package. Among a room filled with my closest loved ones who were eager to know what I had gotten my girlfriend.

As she pulled out the lotion, face wipes, and sunscreen, her face turned beat red and tears swelled up in her eyes. Assuming there had to be more items, I grabbed the beach bag from her and turned it upside down. To my display, nothing more was inside.

Rebecca covered her mouth and then ran into the bathroom. I stood awkwardly in the middle of the living room with her beach bag in my hand while my family and friends were speechless.

So what is the moral of the story?

Buy Thoughtful Gifts Ahead of Time-And Make Sure That You Wrap Them Too

The only thing that I did semi-right in this situation was that I purchased Rebecca’s gifts ahead of time. However next time I will make sure that I wrap them as soon as I get home.

A good way to ensure that I always buy my girlfriend a thoughtful gift is to keep a journal. Throughout the year of items, she is browsing on Pinterest. Products she has her eye on at the store, or any important things that she mentions to me.

When you have a journal of the stuff that your significant other likes, you can easily refer to your list when a holiday is approaching. The effort that Rebecca spent to give me the perfect pair of suede derby shoes is a memory that I will never forget. Many years later, I still keep the pair of shoes that she gave me besides my extensive collection of polished casual derby shoes.

Make an Effort to Spend Time Together

The greatest thing that you can give your significant other is the precious gift of time.Which is even more important than buying the perfect present like a pair of mens derby shoes. I’m a big fan of astronomy, so I felt extremely loved when Rebecca wanted to take me to see a movie focusing on the galaxy even though these types of films aren’t really her thing.

If you want to make any occasion extra special, consider planning a day where you guys can watch movies on the sofa, take a shower together, go for a walk at the local park, or prepare a homemade meal. Make sure that these activities are free of distractions like cell phones, social media, ect.

Free Yourself from Any Expectations

When you give your loved one an amazing gift, you shouldn’t expect anything in return.

In regards to our situation, Rebecca was so proud of the ways in which she showed her love for me, but when my gift wasn’t up to her standards, the day become known as the “birthday celebration from hell.”

The key is to focus on how happy you made your significant other instead of reminiscing about what you thought he/she should have done for you.

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