Custom Made Shoes By Footwear designer Paul Parkman Navy Genuine Python Captoes (ID#PT246NAVY)


This is a made-to-order product. Please allow 15 days for the delivery. Because our shoes are hand-painted and couture-level creations, each shoe will have a unique hue and polish, and color may differ slightly from the picture.

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Navy exquisite python-Alligator skin hand-painted coating. Captoe created styling. All Natural leather sole and camel color leather lining.

Shopping For Men’s Footwear:


The online shoe buy shopping experience: Shopping for those new black dress shoes online and a sexy pair of oxfords would be fun. First of all, when looking for good footwear you must think of comfort before style. Let’s face it everyone wants a stylish look, However, style does not substitute comfort. So the first step should always be trying on the soon to be new pair of kicks.

Once you have tried on and are comfortable with the way they feel then target your focus to the look. Make sure you have looked around the online store for your new footwear choice and know without a doubt that they will hold up. Depending on the purpose of what they will be used for you can decide if they are comfortable enough to make the haul of a long grinding day at the office. Business casual shoes websites would be a perfect choice to visit for office type wear if you are on your feet all day.

These types of footwear come in many makes. You can purchase oxford shoes or derby shoes and combinate these types with a colorful lineup of blue shoes or brown shoes in a derby or oxford design. If the purchase is for something even comfier and your duties require a little more of the hustle and bustle of the workforce. Recommended would be either a nice timberland boot or a polo boot. They are extra comfy and very stylish for the value, you receive for the buck you can’t go wrong.

When narrowing down the perfect footwear pick for whatever duty or activity you have to face for the day. Always make sure the comfort is at the top of your list when picking a new shoe sale. Don’t be fooled by the stylish footwear, not all hold up.

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