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  • Handmade lace up ankle Boots for Men.Bordeaux & brown hand-painted calfskin upper.Antique burnished leather sole.Bordeaux leather lining and inner sole.Leather wrapped laces
 Learn How To Wear Chukka Boots To Increase Versatility and Fashion Sense Men’s chukkas are characterized as lace up ankle boots with a rounded toe. Many also typically have two or three pairs of eyelets for the laces.
Other notable features of a chukka boot.
Are that they are usually made of calfskin leather suede material and have thin soles. In the 1920s, a variation of the boot was worn by British forces. In the Western Desert Campaign of World War II. During World War II, the ankle boot has become a formal and casual staple in most men’s wardrobe.From the office to a night out in town.

Here are some of the best ways to wear chukkas as we have seen by many famous models and celebrities.See how unique and fashionable the celebs are.Of course, having tons of money helps make this super easy.

First of all, keep in mind there is a huge difference between fashion and style. It’s found easier for most to follow fashion trends but takes someone truly imaginable and cleaver to be a stylist.

Cold Weather Shoes

These are the most common cold weather shoes men’s and are primarily offered in neutral shades. They can be worn as formal or casual wear, but you will need to keep them clean and fresh to have the best effect. Since the shoes may show water stains and scuffs, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing them in rainy conditions.


Bourbon: Don’t be afraid to play with a brown suede boot and navy colors. For example, model Claudio Monteiro has been known to sport denim jeans, a navy blazer. A blue crewneck sweater with a pair of bourbon suede black and brown boots. When you see pictures of him in this outfit, you will notice that he looks polished yet casual.

Dark Brown: For an even more casual look, consider replicating actor Justin Theroux’s everyday style. Wear a pair of dark brown suede boots and light blue jeans. Normally with a red and black checkered shirt and a classic white t-shirt.

Black: If the color black looks better on you than blue or red ever will, pair Burberry black ankle boot with black jeans. White crew-neck t-shirt, and a black blazer for an cool outfit that will never go out of style.

Lace-Up Shoes

First of all mens leather boots can also be worn with casual and formal outfits, they are a great alternative for those colder months also. Could be one of the best boots for winter options available. From experience, Dress boots for men are most commonly found in standard black and sand shades. As a result, they go with anything. Contrary to most suede shoes, these highly sought after mens fashion boots can adapt to virtually any weather condition.


Black: Would you like to take your style to the next level? Look no further than a classy pair of black leather Chelsea boots from a store like Prada. Check out some recent pics of model Malik Lindo who is frequently seen wearing sexy black chukka boots. Grey herringbone trousers, and a crisp white polo underneath a black bomber jacket.

Brown: A casual weekend calls for nothing less than an outfit that you can relax in. Purchase some high-quality brown leather lace up boots from Alden’s so that you can wear them with dark blue jeans. Light blue short-sleeve dress shirt, and a navy blue rain jacket. Or, you can imitate actor Jake Gyllenhaal’s simple style by sporting a light blue denim shirt. Dark denim jeans, and brown boots.

Grey: If you want to rock a full summertime effect, go sockless with grey boots. Model Jeremy Young has mastered this look successfully. He has been known to wear a light and breezy.Sleek navy long sleeve shirt with dark grey pants and grey boots.


A relatively new addition to the family is chukka sneakers. The good thing about these types of shoes is that they can be dressed down or dressed up. Fairly new to the style scene luxury sneakers are taking over. Versatility with suits, sweaters, blazers and more make these superkicks a great choice for the fashion guru.


Grey: Are you up for a unique business casual look? Due to chukka sneakers not being the typical dress shoe. Model Jake Davies has successfully rocked these sneakers with a grey casual business suit and a blue plaid dress shirt.

Fleece Footwear

Fur or fleece-lined boots can cater to your need for style and comfort. These staples are considered a casual type of shoe.


Fur-lined: These types of shoes would pair well with a pair of sweatpants or jeans and a checkered flannel shirt. The model RJ King is one celebrity who loves comfortable attire. As he often goes casual in his fashionable fur-lined boots.

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