Awesome Paul Parkman Men’s Brown Crocodile Embossed Calfskin Derby Shoes (ID#1438BRD)


This is a made-to-order product. Please allow 15 days for the delivery. Because our shoes are hand-painted and couture-level creations, each shoe will have a unique hue and polish, and color may differ slightly from the picture.

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Stylish footwear at Oliver Riley'sBrown handcrafted unique derby’s made from scratch Crocodile embossed calfskin leather upper.Antique burnished double leather sole with a Camel color leather lining and inner sole to give a touch of elegance.

A Practical All-Occasion Gift Guide for the Men in Your Life

Shopping for a guy can be tough, especially if the recipient is your brother, father, uncle, or husband. For almost every special occasion since you could remember, you have given them a basic shirt. Let’s admit, the only variation has been the color!
Don’t you think it’s about time to be more creative in your gift giving for special occasions like Birthdays, Father’s Days, Anniversaries, and more? A practical gift that they can actually use in their daily lives would be a better option than a shirt that will stay folded in their drawer or worse…re-gifted. Here are some useful gifts for the tech savvy, stylish, and athletic men in your life.

For The Tech Savvy Guy

A Charging Station

By choosing a charging station as his gift, you can help your guy charge all of his electronics in one place. The gift of organization is designed to hold three phones, a tablet, and a laptop.

Home Surveillance Camera

Know a guy who is planning on going on a vacation soon? A home surveillance camera will ensure that his home stays secure. The best home surveillance cameras are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, night vision modes, and movement detection.

Tempered Glass Phone Screen Protectors

Nothing kills the joy from a guy’s day faster than a freshly cracked phone screen. Almost any guy will appreciate tempered glass phone screen protectors as a practical gift to help keep accidents from frequently occurring.

Ultra Portable External Hard Drive

Although an external hard drive may sound extremely boring, the guy who receives this useful item as a gift will definitely thank you later. While every man needs a secure place to store his photos, music, and other important data, buying one for himself is about as fun as paying for his phone bill. He may not know what to say when he receives the external hard drive as a birthday or father’s day present, but if his computer ever crashes, he might call you up and thank you for saving his important information.

For The Stylish Gentleman

Black Dress Shoes
A gift that never goes out of style are dress shoes. Whether the guy you’re gifting is a businessman or a common laborer, he will be able to rock his black shoes at job interviews, weddings, and formal parties. From a black or grey suit to a navy blue ensemble, the best part is that this type of shoe goes with most formal outfits. If you think that he would never wear a formal shoe, don’t worry, the second gift option for stylish gentlemen is one of the best casual shoes for men.

Wingtip Boots

What is a gift that embodies masculinity, versatility, and durability? The answer is wing tips. These kind of boots are perfect for casual wear. As one of the best casual shoes for men, the product’s wing-like details at the toe make them far more interesting than a regular shoe.

Alligator Shoes

If your guy knows a thing or two about style, he will definitely appreciate a pair of sophisticated gator shoes. These exclusive, luxury shoes are almost always hand-made, so he will feel like a true king if you decide to give them to him as a gift. After receiving a pair of black or brown gator shoes, he may decide to wear them with his favorite navy blazer, white t-shirt, and chinos.

Wingtip Oxfords

For a guy who prefers a classic kind of style, consider gifting him with a pair of wingtips. Often known as timeless, formal footwear, he will be able to show off his special gift with tweed and flannel clothing.

For The Athletic Junkie

Fitness Tracker

A great way to help your fitness-loving buddy record his daily steps and overall health is by giving him a fitness tracker. In addition to tacking his steps every day, most fitness trackers will be able to monitor his sleep patterns, heart rate, and calorie intake.

Rechargeable Headlamp

Does he frequently exercise when it’s no longer light outside? A great companion for early or late night runs is a rechargeable headlamp. Since the product is bright, small, and rain-proof, he will absolutely love this thoughtful and extremely practical gift.

Wireless Sweat-Proof Headphones

When his body is covered in sweat from a hard workout, his favorite tunes are sure to give him the extra push he needs to finished strong. A pair of wireless sweat-proof headphones will ensure that his sweat doesn’t damage the earphones during a vigorous exercise routine. Along with their stellar resistance to sweat, many water-proof headphones are praised for their stable fit, great comfort, and outstanding durability.

Smartphone Bike Mount

For the guy who swears by riding his bike to work even in unimaginable weather, you need to give him a gift that he can use every day on his favorite set of wheels. The solution? A smartphone bike mount. All he has to do is mount it to the handlebars of his bicycle so that he will never have to worry about his phone slipping from his pocket on his ride to work or wherever.
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