Suave Paul Parkman Men’s Wingtip Oxford Goodyear Welted Navy Red Black (ID#081-MIX)


This is a made-to-order product. Please allow 15 days for the delivery. Because our shoes are hand-painted and couture-level creations, each shoe will have a unique hue and polish, and color may differ slightly from the picture.

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 Product Description

Cleverly crafted handmade brogues for the gentleman who requires the best. Goodyear welted, double leather sole to give extra stability for long days at the office.Navy Black and red hand painted leather upper to separate you from every man in the room. Bordeaux leather lining to give everlasting wear

Chases Black Shoes:

After meeting the love of his life, Chase knew that the time was getting close for him to pop that infamous question. Will you marry me? After lots of planning with family and friends, Chase wanted to be sure that everything goes to plan. All the way down to his lucky black shoes that he wore on any special occasion. Since this was a first a checklist had to be made.


Chase had to send out invitations to all of the people he wanted to support him during his special proposal. Surely this event is not a wedding, but Chase wants it so right he told all of his guy friends to come in special attire. The men were told to kick of his even in white tuxedo shirts, Great Gatsby look alike bow ties, navy blue trousers. Shiny black oxford shoes to top it off.

Dinner Menu:

For the occasion, Chase thought it would be extra nice for his soon to be fiance to see he can add a little extra spice to the relationship through his food. So he figured he would go all out and have it catered. Speaking with the caterer’s Chase noticed the owner of the company looked really nice. Sporting a nice blazer with blue jeans and loafers, sparked Chases love for men’s fashion. Believing he would not be put together enough, he thought to buy a new pair of black wingtip shoes. Black oxfords-wingtips are in the same family of footwear chase loves except this time there is more design to it. They have wings and he was thrilled to be enhancing his personal style along with looking amazing for the event.


Day of the proposal went great and with it Chases new fiance was thrilled about the effort he put into asking for her hand in marriage. All of his friends looked wonderful and Chase knew he could count on his lucky black shoes.

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Weight 2000 kg

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