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  • Top notch Genuine crocodile side zipper boots etched in luxury Navy genuine crocodile upper skin. Elegant Black leather lining and inner sole crafted with a Purple hand-painted outer leather sole.

A Gentleman’s Oasis & Relaxation(The Man Cave)Blog



Man caves are spaces that provide us with the opportunity to watch a good basketball tournament with the guys. Play a relaxing pool game, read an interesting book, or complete assignments from work. When was the last time you got to enjoy these relaxing activities? At one point in time, three men by the name of Jake, Mark, and Steven. Never even dreamed of spending time with friends or by themselves in the comfort of their own houses. Does this sound like you? Don’t give up too soon! The stories of Jake, Mark, and Steven can inspire you to construct a unique man cave that matches your personality.

Classic Home Theater

Jake is a young man who has two small children and a beautiful wife who he has been married to for ten years. For many years, the only place in the house that was all to himself was his closet in his bedroom.This is where he kept his favorite pair of Dress Belts and Leather Boots. He longed for a secluded place in the house to complete his work and hang out with friends.

Jake has a career in the digital media industry where his job requires him to frequently watch movies. In order to suit his professional and recreational needs, he recently converted his basement into a home theater man cave. When he was finished creating the man cave, he was able to use the space for completing his work assignments. An occasional action movie screening with friends, and Friday night Disney parties with his kids. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating a similar home theater man cave.

Viewing Equipment: Depending on your budget, you should purchase a high-definition display screen or a large flat screen television. Jake had a generous budget. So he decided to buy a big display screen that offered optimum viewing at every angle.

Sound System

Sound System: Most home theaters have a 5.1 surround sound system, so if you want to keep up with the Joneses. You should place three speakers and a woofer toward the front of the man cave. The last two speakers on each side of stadium seating.

Windows: Do you currently have windows in the space you are remodeling? If so, you may want to get rid of them. The windows’ hard surfaces can distort the sound quality and admit light that negatively affects the viewing experience. Jake’s wife insisted that the windows had to stay, so he decided to install heavy curtains to avoid the effects that windows can cause. If you are in the same boat, consider covering your Windows with blinds or drapes.

Bar: The cinema experience can be greatly enhanced by adding a bar with an old-time popcorn maker, soda fountain, and adult beverages. The guys that you will be hosting will have a blast watching your mixology skills and serving them homemade popcorn!

Memorabilia: Although Jake built the home theater man cave primarily for professional use. He also saw the room as a place where he and his friends could watch sports. As a result, he hung posters and jerseys of his favorite players all over his man cave. Are you planning to use your man cave to only watch movies? If so, go ahead and hang movie posters of “The Godfather”, “The Dark Knight”. Or another one of your favorite movies. The memorabilia that you choose should provide your friends with a glimpse of the real you.

Car Garage

Mark is a 55-year-old dad who was exhausted from raising two teenagers, trying to keep his wife happy, and maintaining a demanding career as an engineer. In order to take a breather, he would often read a book in a corner of the living room. Or play video games on his phone in the bathroom before his children would find him. Despite his efforts, he never seemed to have a place to completely get away from the stress of everyday life.

Mark was frustrated with his life and envisioned a space where he could release his stress and fully express himself in a safe environment. His passion for his own space and antique cars encouraged him to construct a car garage man cave. If you are anything like Mark, you probably want a place to decompress after a 50-hour work week. Continue reading to learn how you can build the car garage man cave of your dreams.

Lighting: When the time comes to show off your antique cars to family and friends, you need more than just one light to illuminate the entire garage. An industrial-themed man cave garage would look great. Add pendant lights whereas a more modern space would pop with recessed lighting.

Flooring: Not only is a standard garage floor cold on your bare feet, it’s also hard on your eyes. Even if you are wearing Leather Boots, the unwelcoming floor is likely to impact your overall mood. Mark knew that he could make the concrete floor more attractive by installing floorboards and placing large area rugs in certain areas.


Security: The only way to ensure that your flat screen television, antique cars, and any other valuables aren’t stolen is to install excellent security. For outstanding protection, place a deadbolt on the back door. Cameras inside and outside of the garage, and sophisticated garage door locks that require a code for entry.

Amenities: The man cave is supposed to be stress-free and convenient, but space won’t serve its intended purpose if you have to put on your Ankle Boots. Run inside and grab a beer or water every time you get thirsty. To remedy this potential problem, Mark built a customized bar and placed a refrigerator in the corner of the car garage.

Memorabilia: Here is where the fun begins. After getting the basic stuff out of the way, now you can make the man cave your own. The walls of the space can be rev up with license plates, branded posters, and old-fashioned car tools. If you are feeling really creative, you could cut off the trunk of a classic car body and then hang it on the wall.

Gentleman’s Study

After being in the courtroom all day, Steven desired a room where he could gather his thoughts without any electronic distractions. As a young bachelor with the entire house to himself. He realized that he could easily transform his spare bedroom into a quiet study.

Many years ago, the study or den was a place where gentlemen could take off their desert Boots and Designer Belts and retreat after a long day of work. Steven wanted to relive this classic tradition, so he sought to create a study that could also be considered his man cave.

Furnishings: Instead of placing a television in your study, consider investing in other therapeutic items like a relaxing sofa or a comfy leather chair. If you plan to kick off your Ankle Boots and read a lot of books in the plush armchair. Place a big bookshelf along one of the walls, other furnishings that you can add to your study are dark. Heavy drapes, a wooden coffee table, a hard-wood desk, and a fully stocked bar.


Lighting: Like the other aspects of the study, the lighting in the room should reflect your personal taste and desired effect. More than likely, you want to create a relaxing environment. Therefore, you may want to install subdued lighting except in places where you will be reading with your favorite Chelsea Boots or a comfortable pair of slip on loafers.

Memorabilia: To create a study that you actually want to visit instead of a place that you have to go, make sure that you decorate the room with meaningful memorabilia. Some things that you should place in your study are your favorite books, family pictures, clocks, maps, and fine art. Steven went a step further in the decorating process to create a study that was truly unique. After buying an old historical picture of his hometown, he framed the print and then hung it on his wall. His actions remind us that we shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with our wall decor.

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