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  • Luxury Brown hand-painted leather upper.Antique burnished natural leather sole.Finest Italian calfskin
  • Plain-toe oxford style dress shoes for men.Leather wrapped lacing.Bordeaux lining and inner sole

Men’s Oxford Shoes: All You Need to Know about Oxford Shoes

When we talk about the fashion we define and adopt it with the location and culture of different parts of the world. But in shoes, especially the men’s shoes, Oxford shoes are the choice of every man no matter where he lives. The fashion of wearing men’s Oxford shoes is very old.However, it is still the most preferred shoe style for most of the professionals and the teenagers as well.

History of Oxford Shoes

The origin of the Oxford shoes is obvious, it is Oxford, England. Students of the Oxford University adopted this fashion in the early 1800’s. Back when traditional knee-high boots were in fashion and were popular. When the students of Oxford University started wearing the half-boots, Oxonian was the name given to these shoes.

Then as the time passes various changes were made to the Oxonian. Like laces were added and the height of shoes was further reduced to show the ankle.


These shoes when found in Scotland and Ireland and were called Balmoral shoes. Then due to its origin, it was called Oxford all around the world. Since then Oxford shoes are the first choice for Men’s casual or formal shoes.

Tan formal wingtip oxford

3 Characteristics of The Oxford Shoe

Though there are different styles and characteristics of Oxford shoe, you can recognize the Oxford by the following 3 main characteristics:

  • The closed lacing style is the first characteristic of Oxford shoes.
  • Oxford shoe is the low heel shoes and this is the second feature of these shoes.
  • The Oxford shoe exposes the ankle of the wearer and it is the third characteristic.

Material of the Oxford Shoe

Normally, the Oxford shoes are made from the fine leather material. But as the other innovations come to the Oxford. Now, these shoes are also made from the Suede or Canvas. Still, the leather made Oxford is trendy.

Formal dark brown oxford

The Colors of Oxford Shoe

The Brown Oxford: When you are wearing a dark brown, grey or a navy color dress then brown. Oxford shoes should be preferred as it will be more striking than any other color.

  • The Black Oxford: When you are a professional and you have to attend a business meeting or you have to present any proposal to your bosses. The black Oxford will give you confidence as it is the most preferred color in Oxfords. Almost every man on earth has a pair black Oxford shoes in his wardrobe.

Mixes & Matches

  • You can wear the black Oxford shoes with almost any color and you won’t disappoint with your look and elegance.
  • The Tan Oxford: If you want to look less formal. Or you want to select your party shoes then Tan Oxford can give you the desired look. With its light and dark shades, it can help you to look stylish and casual look.

Oxford Shoes as Men’s Formal Footwear

If you have to select the Men’s formal shoes then there is no other choice than the Oxford shoes. The traditional black Oxford shoes are the most formal of shoe. Which can be used for any occasion where formal looks is required. The black Oxford shoe along with the three piece suite. This combo gives you a polished look and you should also consider using a tie as well.

men Casual oxford shoe

Mens Casual Oxford Shoes

If you are looking to adopt a casual look you can still wear your favorite Oxford shoes. For your casual look, the brown or the tan color is best for men’s casual Oxford shoe. You can wear a brown Oxford shoe with denim jeans which looks great. For more casual look, you can roll jeans hem and can show our socks. You can wear a jersey or a blazer as a top if you choose men’s casual oxford.


The fashion of wearing a legendary Oxford shoe will never be out of trend. As this is the most trendy style for a couple of centuries. One thing is certain the best thing about the Oxford shoe is that it can be used as a  formal shoe. They can also be used as the perfect men’s casual shoes as well.

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