Sleek Designer Paul Parkman Camel Brown Genuine Ostrich Tassel Loafers (ID#OST834CML)


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  • Tassel loafer style exotic shoes. Exquisite Camel Brown hand painted genuine ostrich upper that gives an enriched and styled look.Antique finished leather sole.Bordeaux leather lining and inner sole.



The Class and Comfort of Men’s Slip-on Shoes

Mens slip on shoes, also known as “Loafers”, are a common style of dress shoe. Which is arguably more at the casual end of the scale when it comes to formality. Men slip-on shoes are designed to be comfortable and convenient. Slipping on and off conveniently (hence the name) when you’re on the go. Casual Loafers for men style tend to be made from a wide range of materials and fabric. Though leather and suede are common staple materials, with suede generally being considered as the classiest and most formal material.

What defines Slip on Dress shoes For Men?

First of all, they should comfortably slip on and off, though that may seem obvious! They should also be free from any fastening mechanisms such as monk straps, buckles, or laces. Any straps or buckles featured on black slip-on shoes are most likely there for decorative purposes, rather than practical reasons. Slip on shoes for men are casual by nature.Though many of them carry a certain amount of simultaneous class. You can almost treat men’s slip-on shoes like a dressier version of slippers. They will often come in a variety of materials and colors. Mainly blues, browns, blacks, reds, leather, suede, and faux leather being common themes.

What are the most common types of men’s slip-on shoes?

Penny Loafer

The Penny Loafer comes from the Moccasin shoe, which the Norwegian shoes sellers took and combined with another type of shoe to create a “Weejun”. This formed the basis for the Penny Loafer. Penny Loafers feature a decorative strap over the top of them and feature a heel for a slightly classier aesthetic. Penny Loafers are common in suede and dark leather materials. They are one of the most popular types of men’s slip on shoe.

Belgian Loafer

The Belgian Loafer has more of a slipper-derived background, featuring a decorative tassel on the top of the shoe, distinguishing it from its slip-on counterparts. The size and prominence of a Belgian Loafer’s tassel make it a very casual shoe. Though it could arguably be worn with smart-casual attire.

Horsebit/ Gucci Loafer

Gucci observed the rise of men’s slip-on shoes in the ‘50s and ‘60s and began looking for a piece of the action. They wanted to create their own unique loafer that would have a sense of class and formality about it. They soon made a loafer featuring a decorative metal strap across the top that is said to resemble a horse bit, hence the name. Gucci loafers are an opulent addition to slip-on dress shoes, elevating the style to new heights of elegance and formality. The style was originally intended for the fashion-forward elite of the world. Who would wear them with suits and formal attire on special occasions? Alas, Gucci is no longer the main manufacturer of the Horesbit Loafer, with brands all across the world creating these shoes in all sorts of styles, colors, and price ranges. Find styles at avenue shoe stores in New York NY.

The evolution of men’s Casual slip on shoes

Leather slip-on shoes essentially started with the Moccasin and the Slipper, gradually becoming more and more formal and classy as time went on. Many styles of men’s slip-on shoes exist today, with some retaining their initial casual feel and others enhancing a sense of class and opulence. Whatever the ethos behind the shoe, the basic principle remains the same – men’s slip-on shoes should be comfortable, convenient, and stylish.

So can you wear slip-on shoes with formal attire? That’s a hard question to answer, as many will argue it both ways. Though loafers and  slip-on mens shoes are a beacon of comfort and convenience, it may be best to stick to Gucci/Horesbit Loafers (or another style of dress shoe entirely) if you wish to wear formal attire.

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