Paul Parkman Triple Leather Sole Hand-Welted Cap Toe MonkStrap (ID#LX77MNK)


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  • Geniously crafted Purple & Burgundy mixed color hand finishing upper.Fiddle waist triple leather sole with decorative nails.Hand welted construction. Bordeaux lining and inner sole dress shoes for men.


Monks Strap Shoe-Twin Monks Strap Shoe


Men are not typically picky creatures when it comes to their shoes. There is an unwritten rule in fashion that states. ‘You can tell if a man is well dressed just by looking at his feet’. The Italian’s have a similar rule and it goes. ‘You can judge a person by the bathroom in their home and their shoes on the street’.

As troubling as it may seem to some, we strongly agree with these statements. Looking for something different? The monk strap is the shoe for you. The single monk is an understated choice. For the most part the double monk offers a rakish statement and looks great in oxblood leather.

A monk strap shoe is a style of shoe with no lacing, closed by a buckle and strap. The monk strap shoe is a formal type shoe that can pretty much be worn anywhere. Weddings, parties, interviews etc. Avoid wearing them at funerals. Monk strap shoes are often considered as one of the younger models. Among those usually referred to as the backbone of the classic shoe models.

Back In Time

However, it’s a shoe type that goes far back in time, here’s a review of its history.

Traditionally, the single monk strap was the only shoe around until the double monk strap made its debut. With the popularity of the two buckled shoes, some designers have adopted some unusual variations. Commonly with three and more straps. Realistically, the three or more of the strapped shoe will likely not be anything more than a short lived fashion trend. Which will more than likely disappear in a few years’ time? If you want to invest in a sustainable wardrobe that can be worn 10 years from now without looking dated. Opt for the fashionable and stylish double monk strap it is the sure way to go.


Have you ever heard of the double monk strap shoes?  The double monk strap shoes are where the shoe offers two straps rather than one. This is more of a fashion statement. They’re about to change your shoe rack forever. They will smarten up your jeans and dress down your trousers! We’re here for you brother!  This monk strap shoe content will break down types of monk strap shoe and what to wear them with.

Along with some expert tips, you’ve got all the info you need to put your best foot forward.


Your Look Is Noticeable

The double monk strap shoe is the dress shoe of the season…two straps…two buckles. They are the hottest trend in men’s shoes hands down. Wearing them is a great way to stand out from the crowd of onlookers. But I really must warn you not just any man can pull off the look only the bold and stylish gentleman can. It is my favorite style of shoe and a great shoe for any occasion.

It goes with just about anything and always looks sharp. I wear them with my business suits, for a lot of business casual occasions.  As well as when I am dressed in Chinos or dark colored jeans. There is a mix of loafers and regular dress shoes but what makes them unique are the buckles or straps that they have.

Initially, the monk shoe was worn by European monks. But in today’s world, these shoes are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. They have the edge over dress shoes that are considered rather mainstream.


How Do You Wear Monk Straps

Double monks are much more versatile than we give them credit for. Typically you can wear them with anything from jeans to a dark suit. However, times are changing and footwear designers are becoming more and more cleaver. There are double monk sneakers that are casual enough for even shorts.

There are also black patent leather versions that will work great for formal or even black tie events.

To Buckle or Not To Buckle

There was a period about six or seven years ago when the double monk came roaring back into style. Men were wearing them with one buckle undone, typically the top one. While it’s up to the individual wearer to decide if this is sprezzatura, or just an effected attempt at such.

I will advise that you only do this with your casual trousers, like dark denim. Most monk strap buckles are square or rectangular. But they are theoretically available in more shapes like hexagons and octagons as well. More often than not. You’ll have to have a pair custom made to get this detail.

If you are in a position to do so, more power to you.

Here are three reasons why you should own a Monk Strap Shoe:

  1. Everyone will respect you the same way they all respect Monks & Kings

Monks are respected by everyone and in case you didn’t know. This shoe first gained popularity among monks in Europe centuries ago. Instead of laces, monks have their characteristic buckles and so the shoe was adopted. Since it was more protective than the buckle sandals they normally wore.

When you wear a double monk strap shoe, you feel like a king. You walk like a king, you sit like a king and in turn people will accord you the respect a king deserves.

  1. You will automatically become a member of the Stylish Gentleman’s club

If you are looking for that one shoe that will instantly boost your style rating. Make you feel like a true stylish boss, it’s the double monk strap shoe. So let’s say you find yourself stuck in middle management or a place lower than that in your place of work. Wondering how you can polish your outfit in order to look and feel like a true stylish gentleman. It’s very easy own a double monk strap shoes.

They Are Versatile and Easy To Wear:

They are a very versatile option that can be dressed up with formal wear or with your most dapper of suits. Also, they can be dressed down for a more casual occasion in chinos or jeans. When wearing chinos or jeans you can choose to cuff the bottom for a preppy stylish look. A popular trend is leaving one of the buckles loose to give it that sleek, stylish casual touch.

Final Thoughts:

So that’s it Gentleman, the double monk strap shoe is the most stylish shoe a man can own. It scores 100% in terms of versatility and style. The next time you are on the market for a high quality, stylish shoe that is sure to get you the attention you deserve. Please don’t forget about the classy double monk. It’s very important for a guy to have a well-rounded shoe collection. The double monk has earned the right to be in that collection.






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